The 2021 Genesis G70 vs. Genesis G80 in Gaithersburg MD

Find Out Which Genesis Sedan Is Best: the G70 or G80

If you're thinking about getting a new Genesis sedan, but you're not sure which one you want, let Genesis of Gaithersburg help. We know that drivers in Baltimore and Gaithersburg, MD want their luxury car to be roomy enough to comfortably hold them and their passengers while also having the handling they want for every-day driving. All Genesis sedans are well-appointed and elegantly styled, so it mostly comes down to whether you prioritize cabin space and features or driving dynamics. Genesis of Gaithersburg has a vast selection of both G70 and G80 models in stock for our customers in Arlington, VA. Keep reading to see which car is best for you.

Compare the New Genesis G70 vs. the New Genesis G80

  • The G70 Is More Fun to Drive: Both the Genesis G70 and Genesis G80 deliver the composed ride you want in a luxury car. However, the G70 has a better power-to-weight ratio and sportier handling than the G80. Both cars have strong engines and good acceleration, but the G70's responsive steering, strong brakes, and athletic handling make it a blast to drive. The G80 has a silkier ride than the G70, but it's not quite as nimble and playful around turns as the G70 is. Plus, the base turbocharged engine in the G70 offers 252 horsepower and 260 pound-feet of torque and a manual transmission is available to give you complete control over your driving experience.
  • The G80 Has More Cargo Space: The G70 has a decent-sized trunk for a small luxury sedan - with 10.5-cubic feet of cargo room. But the Genesis G80 is a midsize luxury car, and people in Alexandria, VA who want more space for luggage, groceries, or sports gear will prefer the G80's 15.3-cubic-foot trunk.
  • The G80 Has More Passenger Space: Both the G70 and G80 have front seats that are relaxing enough to keep you cozy for a full day on the road. However, the G80 has spacious, sumptuous seats all around, while the G70's back seat is smaller, and best occupied by kids.
  • The G70 Has Faster Acceleration: While both the G70 and G80 are quick off the line, the G70 has one of the most powerful base engines you can get in a small luxury car (252 horsepower). People in Washington, DC who want a car with lots of get-up-and-go will appreciate that the G70 can go from 0 to 60 in just 4.5 seconds with its available 365-horsepower motor, and the 376 pound-feet of torque will shove you back into your seat while plastering a smile across your face. The G80 is just a tad slower, with a 0 to 60 time of 4.8 seconds with its available 420-horsepower engine.
  • They're Equal on Safety: For 2021 the Genesis G70 steps up to its larger sibling in the safety department. Both models now have forward collision alert, automatic emergency braking, an adaptive cruise control system with lane keep assist, and pedestrian detection to help you in the city.
  • The G80 Has a Nicer Interior: Both the G70 and G80 have nice cabins with first-class materials. But drivers in Gaithersburg who like the look and feel of leather will like that the G80 comes standard with leather upholstery and a leather-wrapped steering wheel. Those features are both available in the G70, but you'll have to pay more to have them.
  • The G80 Has a Better Infotainment System: While both the G70 and G80 have user-friendly infotainment systems with responsive touch screens and straightforward interfaces, the G80's system has a little more to offer. People in Baltimore who travel a lot will appreciate that the G80's infotainment system comes standard with navigation. You can get navigation in the G70, but you'd have to spend more on a higher trim.

Test Drive a New Genesis Car at Genesis of Gaithersburg

The Genesis G70 and Genesis G80 are both comfortable luxury cars with quick acceleration and tons of helpful features. The G80 is roomier and has a few more tech features than the G70. But drivers in Arlington, VA who want a more exciting drive will prefer the G70. We invite you to come to Genesis of Gaithersburg and test drive both cars, so you can see for yourself which one you prefer.

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