The 2022 Genesis Model Line-Up in Gaithersburg MD

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Are you looking for a vehicle that satisfies your desire for the divine in Gaithersburg? Look no further than Genesis of Gaithersburg. Here, we dedicate our days to providing sophisticated new Genesis models. Show off your unique taste for luxury with a Genesis sedan or SUV. Elegance and power can be found right here, so start your car shopping today. We are waiting just for you.

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Does owning a Genesis seem like something you want near Alexandria, VA? Then make sure to schedule a test drive today. A test drive gives you the chance to meet a Genesis sedan or SUV before you officially purchase or lease it. Schedule a time and day that fits your busy schedule and visit us. Take your time with your test drive. Feel the power at your fingertips and learn all about your favorite Genesis. Feel free to test drive every model we have before you make your ultimate decision.

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Why Choose Genesis?

Owning a Genesis is nothing short of a statement. You are no ordinary Baltimore driver. You do not settle for anything less than the best. When you want a vehicle to represent you and your unique personality and ambitions, you will want a Genesis. A Genesis is reliable in every sense of the word. It can speak for you, and it will serve you for years to come. Intricate and intuitive technology is another highlight, making Genesis safe and seamless to use. Plus, every ride is comfortable. You can relax and stay confident in the cabin, no matter what is ahead of you.

Genesis Sedans

Genesis G70: The redesigned G70 is an unmistakable sedan around Arlington, VA. Its exhilarating design and performance will leave you in awe every time you take it out on the road. A lower and wider front grille and sharper lines help to distinguish the G70's elegant style. Turn heads, use intuitive technology, and enjoy the ride every time you climb in behind the wheel.

Genesis G80: The G80 is a sophisticated sedan that delivers cutting-edge technology through an ambitious design. When you drive the G80, you will feel inspired to take charge of your day. As a midsize car, the G80 is artfully disruptive. Think of it as a prodigy amongst its class. Powerful, striking, and intelligent, the G80 makes its presence known every time you arrive.

Genesis G90: The G90 is bold and uncompromising. With modern ingenuity and a dedication to delivering quality in every way, it is a great companion on the road. Its design is filled with passion and skill. When it drivers, it drives with quiet confidence. And when it comes to playing music, navigating to your destination, and more, the G90 has your back.

Genesis SUVs

Genesis GV70: As the newest addition to the Genesis lineup, the GV70 has a lot going for it. Athletic, stylish, and endlessly powerful, this SUV is ready to elevate your daily driving. The GV70 blends athletic performance with pure elegance through perfect balance and executive design. When you drive a GV70, you will never want to stop.

Genesis GV80: The GV80 is the second Genesis SUV available near Washington, DC. Built for the long haul, the GV80 focuses on pushing the limits of comfort, style, and performance. Intuitive technology, multifaceted comfort, off-road capability, and more combine to deliver rugged luxury. When you want to head out on a road trip, choose to have the GV80 by your side.